Video not playing correctly

I am suddenly having issues when attempting to place a video on a layer in Storyline. I created a simple example.

The basic setup is a storyline page with a link to show a video on another layer. When the video plays, there is no picture, only sound. If there is a seekbar one can click the refresh symbol (circular arrow) and the video plays fine.

Has anyone got an explanation or work-around?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Edward,

I'm sorry to hear about the odd behavior you're experiencing and I'd like to know a bit more about how you're testing your course. Are you hosting it in a web server or LMS? There are a few reasons documented here on why the videos may not play within the published content, so I'd suggest to begin by reviewing those.

If you're still having difficulty, can you share your .story file here with us so that we can take a look at how it's been set up within the course?