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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Joe!

Quite honestly.. I know I've used Front Page, but I don't remember a thing about it. Are you previewing in Front Page or in Storyline? I'm assuming you mean Front Page, but I just want to confirm this.

You may run into some issues with view playback if you view the content locally.. this may also be the case for previewing it in Front Page, but I'm really not sure. Are you able to upload this content to a web server or LMS for testing?

If you can share your project's .STORY file here, or give us a little information maybe we can help you get this working


Joe Koller

I previewed it locally using story dot HTML and that worked. However, when I uploaded it to front page 2003 the video does not show at all. I was using preview in browser. this was in the publisher version not the published version of frontpage 2003. Our company publishes overnight. I will check again tomorrow and give you an update. I will also try and upload it to the LMS and see if it works there. thanks, Joe

Joe Koller

I identified the problem.  Mp4s will not work in Front Page 2003. If I change the extension to .mov it will work.  Is there a way to change the output of the video in Storyline? Will this effect the mobile output? I am trying to see if IT will grant access directly to the FTP so we can load the files directly the intranet and then IE8 will work for the output. I am doubtful they will grant this access so I am trying to find another work around.



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Joe,

Sorry I wasn't able to get back to you sooner. I don't think you'll be able to accomplish this with an MOV file, because Storyline will compress the video as an MP4.

Do you know if the two (FLV alpha or SWF) files above will play in Front Page? If so, maybe you could convert to those formats and give it a try. 

I'm afraid testing on my end wouldn't be much help, as I do not have access to Front Page at the moment. 

If you're able to try converting the files, or if you can find out if the file types above are supported, please let me know how it goes.