Video not playing on iPad

Dear all,

In a course for a client, I have integrated a lot of videos. The criteria for these videos are:

  • Being able to pauze the video;
  • The user is not allowed to continue to the next slide without having watched the whole video.

To make sure that the user can't skip the video and continue to the next slide, I have placed the following triggers on the slide:


I have uploaded the videos directly in the module, rather than embedded from Vimeo, what I usually do to keep the file size manageable. But I wanted to use the trigger 'when the media completes' to make sure the user can't skip the video. No Video controls are shown.
This all works perfectly fine on the desktop, however, on the iPad the videos are not playing at all. Also, the next button is immediately visible on the slide instead of hidden, but it cannot be clicked. It is dead.

Does anyone have an alternative idea for the video's, which works on both tablets and desktops?

Thanks for the help!


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Sara Swier

Hi Ali,

Thank you for your reply! I am not sure what kind of iOS the users are running, as there are many users who are taking the course. Might be. I'll try the proposed solution - republishing the course. I installed the update already, but this course was created in April, right before the update was launched. Hopefully it'll work!

Ali Goulet

Hi Sara,

Sorry to hear that you're still seeing this issue! I would highly encourage you to reach out to our Support Engineers by submitting a case and including your project file. Once your file is received, our engineers will be able to work closely with you to investigate further and get this resolved promptly :)