Video not playing on iPad offline

Mar 03, 2013

We have created a Storyline project that when published is 80MB.  We are viewing the project on the iPad using the Articulate mobile player app and have set "Available offline:" to yes to ensure we can veiw the product without requiring internet access.

We have a number of videos in the projects, the largest being 10mins long.  The 10min video does not play without being connected to the internet (even though we have set "available offline to yes").  I have tested this on 4 iPads with the same result.  The other videos that are approx 5mins in lenght play fine without the internet access.

I have ensured we are have the latest Articulate mobile player installed on the iPads.

Just wondering how I go about fixing this problem.



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Marcelo Kassick

Hi Shana,

Thanks for the help.

I followed the same logic, however I split my video into smaller ones of 6min and 4MB max. It worked just fine.

Anyway, I took me more work hours to do the job and my client didn't appreciate much the video cuts.

Actually, I'm having a hard time handling videos in my Storyline projects, mainly related to video synch x navigation.

Hope the next update will come with solid improvements in this area, as most of my projects includes video.

Thank you very much for your support.