Video not playing on mobile

Hi Guys

I have a project that is published in SL2 with videos that autoplay and some videos that are click to play. The project is published with the html5 option but we cannot use the mobile player as we need to track progress on our LMS (moodle).  When i tested the projects none of the videos play - this shouldn't be a bandwidth issue as I tested on a strong/high speed internet connection.

Has anyone come across this/ do you have any ideas?

Thank you in advance 


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Harri S


Thank you for the suggestion, strangely enough I tested this a few minutes ago using tempshare just as a first port of call and it worked. I then tested the course inside the LMS as it sits at the moment and it's working now.... hmmm maybe something I need to ask my LMS guys

Thank you for your help 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Harri,

Nope - you can still use the HTML5 output on your Android devices in  Google Chrome (latest version) in Android OS 4.1 and later, and the AMP is supported in the same OS as well. They are separate publishing options and if you choose AMP and HTML5, and the user accesses on a device that allows for the AMP they'll be prompted to download that.