Video not publishing in published storyline project


I've inserted a video (.flv) on a slide and it runs fine in preview, but appears to be deleted when published.  

I've searched the forums and found this problem reported for Presenter and have tried to follow all suggestions.

ie remove all place holders, put on a blank slide etc 

but no luck.

I am publishing to LMS - SCORM 1.2

I was working on a 30 day free trial and was really pleased with the product.  I just purchased it, and found my first bug within an half hour...what timing

Would appreciate any assistance here.


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June Fiorina

Thanks very much Peter - SUCCESS! 

Although it does not show up when I try to look at my published story (only the mouse pointer lets you know theres something there) - it does display when loaded on the LMS - which I had not attempted before as I thought I was wasting my time.

I appreiate the quick response, and have to say that the quality ot this site is one of the key reasons for purchasing Articulate products,

A very big thank you from 'down-under'.


Jennifer St. George

Hi Peter,

I'm having the same problem with Storyline.  I'm using an MP4 on a slide with 2 text boxes which aren't animated.

It works perfectly in preview but when I try to publish, it goes through the motions and never gives me the 'success' box to view my project.  It just keeps coming back to the publish box.  Any ideas?