Video not working

Good Afternoon All,

I have a doozy of a case for you I would be seriously in  debt to anyone who can solve it, as I am struggling and the course has to go out Wednesday/Thursday NZT.

I have created a course that is to be viewed outside of an LMS. As part of the course, I have 3 videos that I have inserted.

When I played the course locally, the videos worked fine. When I transferred the whole folder to a network drive they stopped working :(

Heres what I have tried so far:

  • Published directly to the network place
  • Upgraded Flash in case it was an issue with that
  • Tried the course in IE8 and Mozilla Firefox
  • Changed the security settings on both IE and Firefox to the absolute lowest I could get
  • Tried HTML5 as well as the normal story.html
  • Tried publishing as a CD

I am out of ideas!

I am very aware I may be making a rookie mistake, so please sing out if I am!!

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Mike Taylor

Hi Adrian, sometimes there are server settings, etc that can prevent videos from playing.  
( i.e )

Can you test it using TempShare  or Dropbox to see if it plays there? If it plays there you might need to contact your IT admin to enable the videos.