Video opens in a separate window when playing on mobile

Hi all,

I'm experiencing a challenge with mobile playback of mp4 videos embedded in my presentation.   I inserted the videos from a file and configured them to play 'in slide'.  

I published with HTML 5 output option.  The videos play in slide just fine on the pc but open in a separate window on iphone or ipad (unless I use AMP).

I'm sure I've missed something simple.  Can anybody point me in the right direction?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Erin.  I'm sorry we didn't have an update to share in this discussion previously!

Our QA team is investigating an issue where a video that is set to play in slide will still open a new window with just the video when playing when viewed from an iOS device without the Articulate Mobile Player.  Thanks for reaching out here, and we'll add your contribution to their report.  We will update this discussion with more information as we get it.