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Firstly thank you for replying to my other questions.

We have a module with 5 videos, about 5 mins in length. We were going to stream the video but we also want to use offline working when learners are away from an Internet connection, so we can't use the streaming option.

I want the learner to watch a video and then answer questions but on the question page I want them to be able to run the video in a small box at the top of the page.  If we place the video on each page as a smaller image this would make the module massive and slow to load. 

Is there anyway of having a small video running or the option to run one on each of the question pages, without increasing the size of the overall module.

Thank you



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken,

You can set a lightbox to open based on a timeline trigger - I may suggest something such as when the timeline of a particular object begins and set it to start a second or so into the regular timeline. As for resizing it, you won't be able to resize the lightbox sizing or relocate it. If you’re looking for greater control over the size, placement, or appearance of your lightbox content, you can always create your own pseudo lightbox effect using slide layers. To read more about how to do this as well as the pros and cons of this approach, check out this forum discussion: “Lightbox Change Size?”.

Hope that helps!