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Feb 23, 2018

Hello !

I created a Storyline 2 template that only includes 2 slides: a slide with an MP4 video (and a couple layers for transcript text) and a course completion slide. The video fills the screen and is set to automatically play when the learner views the screen. I then published the course with HTML5 so it can play on an iPad in Safari.

When I play the course on a laptop, everything works perfectly. However, when I play the course on the iPad the video stalls. I can click the video to play it and initially only hear the audio. If I click the "replay" button, the video replays from the beginning and works perfectly.  I tried a couple options that were also unsuccessful:

- Having the video play in a new screen (but this doesn't agree with our LMS tracking capabilities and doesn't allow for multiple screens).

- Adding another slide with a button that has a trigger to launch the slide with the video (but this returns the same video playback results).


Attached the template. Would love any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong or tips to ensure the video plays as intended on an iPad using HTML5.  

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Dawon Hawkins

Hey Crystal ! The iPad is running iOS 10.3.3 if that helps. Also, there's another SCORM course that includes several videos captured by screencast and they play just fine. It seems this only applies to MP4 videos inserted into a SCORM course. I've also tested several videos to rule out an issue with a specific video. This one is a noodle-scratcher.   

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dawon,

I'd first look at updating your iOS if you can - it's always a good idea to be on the latest/most recent version or update of any OS and even Storyline!

Have you also tested this outside your LMS? Since you're using an earlier iOS, it may not be the same link that Crystal previously shared - but I'd want to see how it behaves in another environment.Can you try testing the course by uploading to SCORM Cloud?  It's an industry standard for SCORM testing, and it's free up to 100 MB.

Let us know what you find!

Dawon Hawkins

Hey Ashley !  I was able to test the course on a couple iPads on iOS 11 and experienced the same results. I can try testing in the SCORM cloud and circle back with findings.  I also attached the template in the original post in case someone wants to take a look, but also attached the source file here.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dawon,

Thanks for sharing that file! I published it with Storyline 2 Update 12, and uploaded here to SCORM Cloud. I tested it on my iPad mini with iOS 9.3.5 and my iPhone 6S with iOS 11.2.2 and on both of those the video played back normally with sound (make sure the mute toggle is not on). It will open full screen as detailed here

Let me know what you find testing it! 

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