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Bob O'Donnell

OMG! I should take my own advice and start with basic troubleshooting! The dang Seekbar option got set to "Read Only" in the file.

I went in today and started doing simple test and decided to check the player settings. Saw it had changed, much to my dismay.

Going to bury my head in the sand now.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bob and Tizi, 

I did want to share an update here, that we still have an open issue where clicking on the Seekbar will restart a Video when published from Storyline 360  to Articulate Online. 

Bob, I'm glad you found the read-only setting - and that it fixed it for you! No need to bury your head in the sand, unless it's for a lovely much-deserved beach vacation. 😉

Angie Elliott

Hi, Bob! I appreciate your troubleshooting and following up with the thread. As Ashley mentioned below, the seekbar issue isn't completely resolved by ensuring that the seekbar player settings are set to "User can drag seekbar." Mine is set this way and it doesn't work in Chrome, but it does work in IE. When we added our LMS to our white list it allowed it to work in Chrome, but not in IE. Hopefully, an answer will come soon!

Bob O'Donnell

Hi guys, My sample screen works fine. Clicking on the Seekbar advances the slider, it does not cause it to restart. Holler if you want to see it. Currently in Articulate online. I checked in both IE and Chrome. I can try publishing for web to test it.

Let me know if you want access to the review link.

Walt Hamilton


Back in the days of SL 2, when you scrubbed the seekbar, all the timing on the slide got out of whack, and the users complained bitterly. Articulate's solution was to rig the seekbar so that when moved, it jumped only to key frames in the video. Listening to your description, it strikes me that you may scrubbing less than half the distance to the first key frame. If so, it will jump to the nearest key frame, which may be at the beginning of the video.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi everyone,

We have just pushed an update that should fix the following issue:

Clicking on Seekbar restarts Video when published with Storyline 360 and uploaded to Articulate Online

No republishing should be needed and any affected courses should now be corrected.

Please feel free to take a look at your courses in Articulate Online and let me know if you're seeing any issue with the video restarting when using the seekbar. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Anthony. Thanks for those details. Here are the first features I would explore:

We're also happy to have a closer look at your file. You can share it with us here and provide some detail about the performance issues you're seeing in your LMS. Thanks!

Ryan Puck

Quick question - has anyone experienced mp4 video playback issues when using interactive elements in the same slide in SL360? Specifically, videos will repeat when the timeline ends and the user selects a clickable object on the slide. I believe that the state change of that selected object is somehow causing the video on the slide to replay. The video is also slightly shorter than the slide timeline duration, which may be a key factor here... (tested on google chrome with modern player, haven't tested other browsers or the classic player yet) 

Here is a quick example file with a True/False quiz question narrated by a moderator in an .mp4 video in the background of the slide. It is a very specific bug, but if you wait until the timeline ends and then select either True or False, the background video will repeat from the beginning. Doesn't seem to happen if you select an answer while the video is playing and before the timeline ends for some reason...

I have been able to workaround this by using a series of slide layers, putting the video underneath and the answer buttons on a higher layer, but it requires some specific setup to hide the video layer at a certain point so it does not repeat. I have also experimented with separating the video and audio track since the video's audio can still be heard when it repeats, but I was hoping there may be a fix for this in a future update!



Lauren Connelly

Hi Ryan!

I'm glad you found a workaround, and I appreciate you sharing it with the community!

I recreated the slide with the video, and couldn't get the video to continue to play. As you said, it could be that everything is on one slide. A different way to create that is to add a layer that has the "True", "False", and "Submit" buttons. And then add a trigger that says to show layer when the media completes.

I've created a sample slide for a different approach. Please let me know if I can clarify anything!

Kenny Dyer

Hey everyone,

I'm experiencing an issue where the video player controls act like they are disabled whereas a user cannot fast forward or rewind the video. When previewing the slide with the video in Storyline 360, the controls will not work (and they do not work exported in Chrome, either). Any solutions?

Katie Riggio

Hi again, Kenny!

I'm back to share that a hotfix for Storyline 360 is ready, and it addresses the issue where learners couldn't click or drag the seekbar on the built-in video controls! 

You can explore the release notes here, and download the latest update with these steps. Thanks for helping us make this improvement!