Video player disappears on iPad - SL2 Update 7

I have a course created in Storyline 2. It has four videos embedded in it and launches from our corporate LMS. On the PC, the video player displays. On an iPad, the video player does not display. What can I do to get the video player to display? There is a "next" button that appears after the video has played, and if the video player isn't there, the learner never sees the "next" button and is stuck in the course.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Beth,

I'm not sure I'm clear on the set up you're seeing - are you unable to play the videos or do they start automatically? Have you looked at if you're clicking on the video do you see the player then? Are you using the iPad app or viewing in Mobile safari? Is it a custom next button you created on the slide? There is a known issue documented here in regards to videos in iOS9 that you may want to review.