Video player duration in Articulate 360

Hi there,

I've inherited a 360 project which has an MP4 of a presenter on most of the slides.  My problem is I am using the video player from the storyline player rather than individual video controls.  When the video plays through the progress bar stops half way which looks confusing as though the video has only played part way.  How do I make the progress play correspond with the video and finish right at the end to sync with the end of the video using the articulate player?

Thank you very much in advance.  



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Antonia,

It sounds like the timeline of your slide is longer than that of the video, and perhaps set to pause when the video completes? You can take a look at changing the timeline length by dragging the end of the timeline back to the left. Here's more details on how to use the timeline in Storyline!