Video playing on phone version

Aug 20, 2020

I embedded a video into my module. I set the video to play when the slide begins. On the preview, the video does play. After publishing, the video plays viewing the module on the computer. However, on the phone, when the slide appears, the video does not play. Strangely, if I push the "previous" button, the the video does play. Any advice on what's happening and how to fix this?  Thanks!

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Mien Patterson

Hi Lauren,

I'm using it on a browser, rather than a mobile app. I've had to add a hint
for users to tap twice on their screen for the video to play. Sometimes
the embedded video plays right away, sometimes it doesn't. There's never a
problem playing the embedded video on the computer. The video is published
on Web, not LMS.

Please see an example for the handwashing video,



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