Video plays at different speeds

Hello: I am inserting .mp4 video clips in storyline, one clip per slide. there are fifteen clips total, averaging between 1 minute to about 3.5 minutes each.

When I play a few times in preview, the video plays fine for the correct length of time.  The slide advances automatically, which is what I want.  The seekbar works fine.

But then, when I work on the course later, the video plays fine, but then there is extra time left on the seek bar before the slide advances.  So, video stops playing, then there is about a minute left on the seekbar and the screen is black.  After the black plays, the slide advances.

Then I have to delete the slide, create a new one, insert the video - then it plays fine again. 

Any ideas? This has occurred several times with several different clips, Seems like they  start having problems after a while.  I am working off of my hard drive, not a network.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mary,

Thanks for letting me know you're working on your local drive, and there are a few other things you may want to check here that could cause odd behavior. 

Additionally, I'm wondering you had edited the video after inserting it into the slide and therefore the time of the video is now shorter? When looking at your timeline to do you see the extra space at the end? If so, you'll need to drag the end of the timeline back to the left towards the end of the video. 

How is the slide set to advance, by when the timeline ends? You could change the trigger to "jump to next slide" when media completes.