video plays fine in preview and publish but will not play in the editing workspace

At first I thought this was happening because I reset a cue point and the video froze and I thought it was a bug, but I can't replicate the issue in other projects- very frustrating because I need to add more hotspots and pasuse/resume triggers to the slide but I cant work with it.  It's a 10 minute 155mb MP4 from processed in premier.

Timeline behaves correctly and video is set to "when triggered" 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Steve!

I'm happy to help!

It sounds like the video you created in Premier play in Preview and Publish, but doesn't play in Slide View. 

If you change the video to play automatically and then play the timeline, does the video play?

I'd like to test this out on my end to see if I get the same outcome. Which trigger did you use for the video to start playing?