Video plays too fast on second click of the trigger

Hello, I have a video that is set to play when you click a hotspot. In preview mode, the video plays perfectly the first time you click the hotspot. However, anytime you click the hotspot afterwards the video will restart from the middle of the video and play really fast. Any ideas on why this is doing it? Thank you in advance!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Steph -- May I ask if you are seeing the same behavior when you test your published output in the intended environment or where it will ultimately be accessed? You may also want to take a look at the troubleshooting steps listed here to see if you find improvement. 

And yes, as Walt mentioned, it's always helpful to share your file so that we can all get a better idea of the behavior you have described and let you know if we are encountering the same. Please upload if you have a chance! 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Steph -- Thanks for your patience while we tested your file. As you can see if you click here for how the published output behaves when tested via, we were able to reproduce the behavior you have described. I am going to try to continue to troubleshoot, but I wanted to touch base and share my findings thus far. You continued patience is appreciated. :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Steph -- I attempted to import your file into a new file and unfortunately yielded the same results as seen here. I did want to share these tips for troubleshooting unexpected or erratic behavior in SL2 so you have them handy, and you might want to check out this information in the event that your file has become corrupted and is contributing to this behavior. 

1) Open this folder in Windows Explorer: %appdata%\Articulate\Storyline

2) Scan the contents of this folder for a file that starts with the name of your project. If you find one, copy it to your desktop. If you find more than one, copy the latest version to your desktop.

3) Change the file extension of the copy on your desktop from *.tmp to *.story.

4) Double-click the file to open it in Storyline.

Please let us know if you find improvement and if you are still having issues, it may be helpful to contact our Support Engineers for their input, as well.