video preview and publish view different

Question for someone - hopefully -

Articulate Storyline/

I created a nice frame around a video which plays great in the preview mode but once published the frame disappears.

Simply a border that gives definition to the video - the published view removes the entire border and replaces with an ugly wide/black border on top and bottom.

Any thoughts?

Gail Chambers

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Julia Koller

Hi Gail, I've had a similar experience. What I do now is create a custom border that is aligned with the video, but behind it. So, basically, I make a shape the same size of the video. Then I give it the border treatment or effects I would like. Make sure they are aligned with the alignment tools, and then publish.

One additional thing (if you're a glutton for overdoing things) is to place a transparent GIF over the top of the video. Depending on the module I am working on, I want the only controls to be the ones on the player. The transparent GIF eliminates any possibility of the student accidentally clicking the video to start or stop it.