Video Problem iPad - Lines showing on edges


New to the forum and Articulate Storlyine.

I'm creating a presentation in Storyline that has videos on most slides, they have white backgrounds as do the slides they are going on. The videos are all acreen captures that I have created in Replay. When I insert them they look fine and the published web version is fine. But when played on the mobile player on an iPad thin black lines are appearing on some, not all, of the videos on the bottom edge, left edge or both on some. I've tried recropping but this doesn't make any difference.

Any help appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Matthew,

It may be that the file was too large to load up in the forums (about a 20 mb limit) so if you'd like to strip it down to just a one or two slide example we can take a look at that here. If you'd prefer to share it privately you're welcome to send along to our Support engineers or I can share directions on how to send to me privately. 

Matthew Andrews

Thanks. I've sort of resolved the issue by placing white rectangles on layers above to cover the lines.

However I also have another issue, the presentation contains approx 20 screen captures, all of which are looping movies. When played on iPad some of the movies loop perfectly with the trigger

Action > Play Media

When > Video Completes

But some of them show a black frame at the end before resuming, which doesn't look good, there doesn't seem to be any consistency and I can't work out why it's doing it.  This doesn't happen on pc and there

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Matthew,

Ashley is out of the office on vacation this week, so I wanted to stop by and see if I could be of some assistance. 

Without seeing this, and knowing a little more about the videos, it's difficult to say what may be causing it. It may be a delay due to lag on the iPad, or it may be something to do with the way the project and videos are set up. 

These are MP4 videos that were created in Replay, correct? Do any specific videos seem to have this issue or are they all randomly displaying this issue when they loop?

If you could import a couple of the slides that contain the videos into a new .story file, that should cut down the size and you should be able to share the file here. I believe the max for an attachment here is 20 MB, but let us know if you have trouble with this.