Video problems with Storyline 3

Apr 07, 2017

I´m experiencing huge problems with handling of videos. Already lost three days of work.
I never had problems with videos on Storyline 1, but now I am experiencing:
- frequent freezing of the app
- videos , even small 3 Mb ones, take forever to play,
- the scrubbing indicator in the timeline does not keep up with the playing.
- app crashes when I try to edit video.
- CD output wont play.

One of the issues seems to be that S3 doesn´t like Variable Bitrate imported videos. Both Variable and Fixed Bitrate videos will play on preview, but Variable Bitrate videos simply won´t play until the end in the timeline. Is this correct? It~s a shame, since VB videos are smaller.

I have contacted Support, but I would like to have your input. 
I wonder if anyone else is experiencing these problems.

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Ammon Smith

I too have been having many issues with the timeline. I am not sure what is causing the problem but I mostly have to listen to a video from the beginning every time to be sure that everything is in sync. If I pause the video insert an image with animation and then hit the space bar to continue on to enter my next animation in sync with the video, the video will begin playing again from about 4 or 5 seconds before my animation, but will be completely off, not by a small amount, sometimes up to 10 seconds different. I i pause the video towards the end as well and then select the space bar to continue sometimes the video will then try to play on dramatically after the end of the timeline or true length of time of the video. For example if it is a 30 second video, and I stop the playing of it at around 24 seconds, insert and animation/image, then select the space bar to continue down the timeline the video might end up playing up to 35, 40, or 45 seconds even though the actual video is 30 seconds.....

The only fixes I have found for this issue is to either save the module, close out of Storyline and then relaunch it, or simply start at the beginning of the timeline for every single animation. (relaunching the app does not always work either). I have tried it on 2 different hi end i7 machines with SSD drives and have the issue arise constantly regardless of the machine I use. Storyline 2 did not have this problem on the same machines. Any input or tips would be helpful. 

The videos I have imported are very small around 12mb each with often many animated images overlayed over the top of the base video and transparencies. Most slide videos are actually around 200 to 300 seconds long. I am under an NDA so the option for me to hand over module content for review in not available.



Alyssa Gomez

Sorry the timeline is giving you trouble, Ammon. I know that's got to be frustrating. Are you also using Storyline 3, or a different version of Storyline?

Our team is working on a fix for an issue where moving the playhead in the timeline makes the video and objects (like captions) out-of-sync, and I'd like to update our bug report with your experience. 

Nancy Teo


Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

To your questions:

- yes, both files are saved in my desktop.

- Yap, i was prompted to upgrade the file when I opened the previously saved file (which is in storyline2) in the storyline3

- The video was not locked in the timeline.

The video file was in VLC media file, in mp4 format.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Crystal Horn

Hey Nancy.  Thanks for providing that information.  It sounds like you've done everything properly.

Two things to try:

  1. If you still have the original video file, can you open a new project and try adding the video into Storyline 3?  If it works there, can you delete it from the upgraded project (Storyline 3 version) and add it back in there?
  2. Are you able to share your Storyline 2 version of that project?  You should have a back up file from upgrading that looks like this:  Project name - SL2 backup.story 
    You can attach it right in this discussion.

Thanks for troubleshooting with us!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nancy, could we have a closer look at your file? It would be especially helpful if we could see the Storyline 2 backup file. You should have a back up file from upgrading that looks like this:  Project name - SL2 backup.story 

Simply click here to open the forum thread. Then, click the "Add Attachment" button to attach the file. 

Crystal Horn

Hi again, Nancy.  I tested out your file by upgrading it to Storyline 3.  The videos played as expected.  I then resized the video on the layer in the first slide, and the video in the second slide.  I was able to do it by grabbing both the corner and by grabbing the top bounding tabs.  Check out my quick (silent) screencast here:


When you click on the video to resize it, what do you see?  Are you able to grab the corners and/or edges of the video?

Thanks for working through this stumper with us!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nancy! As Ashley mentioned, I was not able to open that file either, but I did take a look at the original file you shared. Seems you may have been referring to the video on slide 1.2.

Looks like the slide size is causing the issue. You must scale that video to much larger than the slide for it to 'fit' on the bottom, but then that is cropping the width of the video. See your original file here with that modification.

If I adjust your Story Size for widescreen, this may work better for you as you can see here. So, you have a couple of choices :)

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