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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Marty,

I've tried this out on my end and it seems to work. Are you publishing for 1.2, or 2004?

How are you renaming the file? Are you receiving any error messages, or is the option just not available?

Make sure that you're not trying to add the name to the high quality MP4 file while the original file is still in the folder. You'll want to delete the compressed version first.


Marty King

Okay, I watched the Screenr again and followed the steps and after opening the source folder and replacing the MP4 video with the uncompressed video and using the compressed video file name (deleted compressed video) I zip the folder and import it as a SCORM packgage into our LMS. Everything works great acept the video is not there. Now, I'm using an older verison of Camtasia to create the video so maybe there is a codec issue.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Marty,

No, I hadn't tried zipping the content. It sounds like you're right, though, I wonder if it's an issue with the Camtasia video. I don't have a way to test that, unfortunately, since I don't have access to the program. 

Do you have access to another video you could try?

Or perhaps you could create a recording of the video in Storyline?