Video Quality in Storyline

Jun 05, 2014

Are there plans to improve the video quality in future versions of Storyline? My content looks great in preview mode - crisp, clear, just as high quality as when we exported it from Final Cut. But then the minute we publish through Storyline, it loses so much quality. 

Any future plans for MORE video compression options in the publishing? To give the publisher more control over what the final product is going to look like? We get that for low-bandwidth users, that the lower quality is fine because it keeps the file size down, but a lot of our clients don't have a bandwidth issue and would prefer the higher quality video. 

This is the Preview mode. Look how clean and crisp! You can see the peoples' faces!

And this is after publishing.

(In this small mode its hard to see but if you click on the photo and let it load larger, you can see the very clear quality difference.)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ashley,

It's definitely been a topic of discussion here in the forums, that a number of users have mentioned submitted it as a feature request. I can't share specific details  of features or the timeline for new updates or versions, so in the meantime you may want to use the method described here to replace the videos in your published output with the originals to keep the quality:

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