Video Quality in the slide is fuzzy

Sep 04, 2014

Hi all,

I have received a test Video for an articulate storyline slide. MP4, 12 bits and Format 4:3.

I have only an issue with this Video.Please find a Screencast with my issue.

When I Import it, the Video is Little and fuzzy. Is it normal that I must resize the Video ?

The video should have the same size than an articulate slide.

When I resize myself the Video, the Video is fuzzy. So I can't see where I would like add my interaction. When I click on previous the Video is clear but when I publish it the Video is fuzzy.

I saw that we can Change the Video Quality when the Video is published.

The most important for me is that I can add easily my interaction in the Video and that the Video has got a good Quality.

Should I ask the cameraman a new Format or Quality ? .

Thank you for your help.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Emilie,

You may need to check the Player properties and quality settings.

The Properties section of the Publish window allows you to make any last-minute changes to your course player, or to change the compression settings Storyline uses when publishing.

The Quality field allows you to control the compression settings Storyline uses for any audio, video, and pictures you've added to your course. The settings here default to whatever you used the last time you published a Storyline project. To change the quality settings, click the blue text and change any of the fields as noted below; then click OK.

Choose Standard if you want to use the default settings. If you mark this option, the values on the window revert back to their defaults (video quality of 5, audio bitrate of 48kbps, and image quality of 80%).

Choose Custom if you want to define your own quality settings. Then click and drag the slider on any of the three values to change the compression. Using higher values means higher-quality output, but also larger file sizes (which means longer download times). Lower values mean smaller file sizes and faster download times, but the visual and audio quality will be lower as well.

You may want to look at these tutorials about adding videos and adjusting videos properties.

We compress the videos during publish as well, click here for information.

You can also look here for a video on how to replace the video within the published output.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Dwayne Schamp

Here is a list of the how storyline encodes videos based on type and publish option:

For our videos, we usually output to HD (at least 720p) MP4 or MOV, then re-encode as an FLV with the Alpha Channel option. With that format and option, Storyline will not re-encode/compress the video, so it should look like it did before publish.

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