Video quality when publishing to Articulate Online

Nov 12, 2013

Hi There,

I'm new to Storyline and a large part of the content I design are Camtasia videos added to PowerPoint presentations.

I have found that publishing online and via Articulate Online, the videos get too compressed and aren't clear to watch.

I have seen how I can swap out the compressed video when publishing online (the screenr recording) to keep the original video quality and it works but how can I do this for content I want to publish to Articulate Online.

I have tried to publish locally, then do the same with the video as I did with publishing online (following the tutorial to publish locally). The video looks like its playing as the seek bar moves along but the video doesn't play.

Any advice would be great!!

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning Merridee, and welcome to Heroes!

It sounds like you are publishing for manual upload, extracting your .sl1 file, replacing the published .mp4 file with your source video, re-zipping the .sl1 file, and uploading for testing in Articulate Online.  Please let me know if I have misunderstood.

Although Mike's Screenr isn't officially supported by Articulate (mostly since we don't know how your source .mp4 file is encoded), I don't know of any reason that this should not work.

If the method above works for content hosted on the web but not for content hosted in Articulate Online, could you please send us a copy of both (a) your .story project file and (b) the source .mp4 that you are trying to replace for a closer look?  Thanks!

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