Video quality whith camtasia

Hi there,

i´ve got some quality problems with camtasia 8 (screenrecording software)

When i´ve rendered the video with these sets:

in Mp4-Flash / HTML 5-Player i´ve got perfect quality, if i watch it in a normal player. 

If i insert the video in articulate storyline, the quality is terrible. 

I don´t know what to do... :(

Tanks for your help,


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Manfred Shan

Thanks for your answer.

I want to insert a screeenrecording video.

If i set the resolution in camtasia 960X540. Immediately when i set that resolution, the quality is terrible in camtasia too. 

Normally i record with camtasia with the resolution 1920X1080.

I´ve tried it with the articulate storyline screenrecord, but there is a quality problem too :(.

Maybe, the problem ist my set here:


Hier is a picture of my quality:



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Manfred,

That resolution may be the cause of the decrease in quality. Have you tried recording for the intended resolution, so it doesn't get scaled down? You could also adjust the story size, if you need to keep the larger resolution. 

If that doesn't fix the issue, we'd be happy to take a closer look. Please submit a support case with us and include your .story file. Also, please share the case number with me, so I can follow the progress of the case.

Thanks again, Manfred!

Cris smith

Was this ever resolved? I'm having the same issue and if I change the size of the video in storyline it just distorts the quality further (not to mention it doesn't fit). I'm recording MP4s at 1118 X 840 and when I import the video to Storyline it shrinks it to 540 X 719 (I'm assuming the dimension of display for the slide). Besides recording at 540 X 719, are there any other solutions?

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Chris,

Just want to echo the information provided in the solution for Manfred's case, simply because I believe it explains the situation really well:

I checked the size of your video in terms of width and height and I could say that it's really big. It's around 1920 x 1080 pixels compared to the normal size of a Storyline slide which is 720 x 540 pixels only. Therefore it means that the video will be scaled down to this size when inserted inside the slide. Scaling is not good because it will really decrease the quality of a media, may it be a video or an image. 

I suggest that when creating a screen video, limit the size of the video based on the size of the slide. So if your story size is 720 x 540, limit the size of the video that you will use to that size also. Do not record the whole screen which will not be clear when inside a Storyline slide. If you need to show a certain portion of the application that you are recording, it would be good if you could zoom in that portion instead. You will need to check that feature in the screen recorder that you are using. 

i know you would prefer to not scale the media down, but honestly that's going to provide the best quality. Alternatives would be to try to adjust the story size, but I'm not certain that will work for the resolution you're using. You may also want to try looking around on the forums to see if you can find any suggestions from other community members that have found ways to improve quality for videos with large resolutions. I'm not sure how you're going to have the course set up, but I assume you want to have the videos in the slides. If you aren't required to do so, however, you could list the actual files in the resources tab. Your learners would view them in another window when they launch, but that may help with the quality. Just a thought.

Thanks Cris! Let me know how it turns out.