Video Question - Autoplay Issues

Dec 07, 2012

Below is the basic framework I'm using to display a video project.  This is one slide,  with all the videos in the scrolling panel linking to layers.  Regardless of whether I set the video on the base layer to autoplay or click to play, if I navigate to another layer, it continues to play.  However, when I watch the entire video or pause the video to navigate to a layer, I can click between layers and the videos function like I want (i.e. they start when the layer is selected and stop when I navigate to another layer). 

I've played with my preferences a bit, but can't seem to find the right setting.  Any help would be greatly appreciated...happy Friday!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jonathan,

First, that presentation looks great! I love the layout.

What do you currently have for the triggers and slide advancement settings? You could try setting the slides to advance automatically, or check to make sure that the timeline duration isn't shorter than the video. Also, you could set a trigger to pause media when they attempt to view another video on the right side.

If you'd like to share what you have so far, you can post your .story file here so we can check it out.



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