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Hello heroes,

Please, I have been looking for a video quiz template. I do no remember, unfortunately, the Hero who shared it. Let's see if I can find it: It was course on airport security or something like that. As the video played again, it began a quiz on some sections: the video stops, a question mark appears, the user clicks on it then it takes them to the question of that specific section of the video. I have been trying to do it but with no success. Does anybody, by any chance know which template am looking for?  I thought it was Montse, but I cannot find it within her link. I asked Asheley but no success!

Thank you so much for your help!

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Astrid Case

Matthew is really great! Now, What I am trying to do is the same...sort of...I am trying  to stop the video ofr the quiz  then at the same time, in the time line, the marker and button will appear. The thing is I cannot get the video stop where I want. I can only see the video when I preview the project. The video is from utube and I was able to edit it in Camtasia and save it as mp4 ya know what i mean?...: I just cannot work with eh video unless I  preview. I try to do the interaction in Camtasia but can't!

Thnak you Mathew...Maybe another Heroe will become to our rescue...HELP!!!! lolol

Astrid Case

Hello Matthew, Montse and Leslie,

Thank  you so much for your reply. Never got an alert that my emails were being answered, and I have been out of town...Grrr...

@Montse: Yes...That is the quiz I have been searching for all over! I am trying to do it with Camtasia but yours is better!  Please, how could I get there? or is there a tutorial that may help me?

@Matthew: Thank you again, let me check your tutorial to see if it is the same...

@Leslie: I will howl again, Leslie, if I am  trouble.

I appreciate your responses...