Video Quiz

Hi!  I am trying to create a video quiz like the shown 2 months ago:

I am using Storyline 2.  I use a shape for the user to click and display the question (using a lightbox).

There are two issues:

  • The lightbox does not cover the video screen.
  • Once I answer the question, the video resumes before the lightbox closes.

I would like the video paused until I return to my original video.  Any thoughts?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Norma, 

Could you share the client video if it was confidential? Our Support team can take a look one on one at your files if you wanted to upload it here. 

If you can't share it with us even under those conditions, let us know if you track down another video with which to recreate it. Using a YouTube video or MP4 may be different entirely based on the settings you could apply to those videos such as launching the YouTube in a new window.