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I have designed a series of video quizzes. Specifically, there are 4-6 quizzes built into layers that pop up at certain points during the timeline of the base slide (with the video on it), and these layers pause the timeline while the learner completes the quiz. However, in two of my slides, the video is starting over after the layers rather than continuing; this of course is throwing off the quizzing. This seems to be an intermittent problem, sometimes affecting the slides when they are published and sometimes not. I am finding it very difficult to locate and solve the problem.

I have tried to upload a file many times, but Captcha is apparently my new nemesis.

Thank you!



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Crystal Horn

Hi Wendy.  The intermittent nature of the problem gives us a little mystery, it sounds like.  I'm sure you've probably checked this, but to start easy...  Have you looked at the slide layer properties to make sure they are all set the way you need them, i.e. "pause timeline of base layer?"

Also, when you are saving and publishing your project, are you working on your local c: drive to eliminate any risk of shared drive or network latency?

When you are viewing the published output, are you doing so in its intended environment, e.g. loading it into your LMS and viewing it there?  If you view an Articulate Storyline course on your local hard drive (or send it to someone else to view on their local hard drive), you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that'll cause various features of your content to fail.

One thing that I wanted to clarify, do these quizzes consist of multiple layers on the same video slide, each layer being a quiz question?  It might be easier to instead navigate to a set of actual slides for those quizzes.  I would try having a trigger to pause timeline at x seconds, followed by a trigger to jump to those quiz slides at x seconds.  You can have your video slide set to always resume upon revisiting after the quiz.

Oh, to note, we will not let you be dishonored by Captcha.  I shall personally avenge your difficulty.  ;)  Do you have a Dropbox where you can share a link to your file?

Wendy Morgan

Hi Crystal!

I do have dropbox. If you'd like to give me an email address to share, I'm
happy to do so. The slide layers are all configured properly, and I am
viewing it on an LMS. I don't have this problem when previewing. I'm not
likely to reconfigure these as multiple slides for a few reasons: a) there
are many of them in the course I'm building, which would add too much
complication, b) I've done this many times before without issue, and c)
"always resume" is almost guaranteed to cause problems if the course is
taken more than once.

Just let me know where to share!

Crystal Horn

If it's easier to keep the link to your .story file private, let's do so here.  You can drop that link in the description field, and we can pull it up from our case system.  We can always pop back in to this discussion thread and update the post with our solution.

Totally understand about the design preferences, so we'll work with what you've got!

Crystal Horn

Alrighty-- after reviewing your file (case 818895), I noticed that when left to run unattended, the video would start over after answering a quiz question.  The timeline seemed to function normally, but the media is not respecting the pause after a few minutes of inaction.  So I've escalated your case to our support engineers for some additional assistance!  I'll follow along, but feel free to post updates here as well in case anyone else who is experiencing similar behavior could benefit!