Video recording inserted on one slide

Feb 04, 2013

How do you trim parts of the video inserted on one slide. I.e. I want to trim the video section that appears at 5sec through 8.3 seconds. Can I do that?

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Selma Mlikota

Hi Christine, Yes it is a screen recording that I have created in Storyline - just doing a software demo. I'm still new at Articulate (I used Captivate for many years and I know how to edit screen recordings in Captivate) so I was not aware that i can choose different options (try, test or view). I just clicked on the insert tab, and selected the Record Screen option. From there the recording screen opened and I don't see the options you are describing above. Looks like I'm doing something wrong...

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Selma!

Thanks for getting back to me. When you go to |insert|>"Record Screen" and record your video, you should see a confirmation after you've finished recording and click on "Done". This window will be titled "Insert Slides" and will allow you to choose options for how your screen recording is distributed in the course. The first option and default option is "Video on a single slide" - this is considered "View Mode" and it creates a single video on a slide. Step-by-step slides are Try and Test modes - these get distributed as multiple slides.

It sounds like you may have created the screen recording using View Mode. It's one video on a single slide, correct?

If that's the case, you should be able to edit the recording. Click on the place holder or image of the recording that's on the slide. At the top, along the menu you should see a tab for "Movie Tools" and "Options". Click on the "Options" tab. Here you'll be able to preview and edit the recording. If you click on "Edit Video", you'll be able to modify the video in the Video Editor. 

If I understand what you're wanting to do, you'd like to cut a portion of the video out, right? You'd want to use the "Trim" feature in the Video Editor. 

You may want to take a look at Jeanette's tutorial on Editing Screen Recordings for some additional information, tips and tricks. 

Let me know how it goes


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