Video replaying while using the seek-bar


I am facing an issue regarding the seeking of video in SuccessFactors LMS.

While using the seekbar, instead of seeking to that duration, the video gets replayed.

This is working fine locally and on SCORMCLOUD, the issue is on SuccessFactors LMS.

I am using Google Chrome browser.

Please help.




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Katie Riggio

Hi Vaibhav,

Thanks for reaching out! Great call to test in another LMS environment.

Recommended Next Steps

  • Touch base with SuccessFactors to let them know that the video plays correctly in SCORM Cloud.
  • Enable LMS debug mode to capture the communication between your content and the LMS. This data should give the SuccessFactors team insight into what the platform is trying to tell us. 

If they can provide information that points to an issue with Storyline's output, please let us know. We're happy to jump in!