Video replays when hitting pause

Dec 18, 2018

Hi everyone

We use a lot of embedded MP4 videos without our Storyline training, typically involving the use of shapes, etc to add interactivty/animation/


We are experiencing an issue where when a user clicks on the pause button and then play again, the video on the base layer resets to the start but the rest of the content on the base layer continues to play as expected (e.g. shapes still moving in etc).  I've tried finding answers everywhere in the forums and spent a lot of time fiddling with settings but I am not getting anywhere.

Perhaps I'm being a bit dumb, but I'm slightly confused as to why the pause button would simply not stop, and start, everything (base layers, content on the layer and other layers etc)?

Set up (using Storyline 360):

To be clear, this issue does not affect a slide featuring only one video (i.e. no other content), but is a problem when doing the following:

- base layer featuring Mp4 video set to play at beginning of timeline and remain on screen.  Base layer also features some additional audio and other elements, such as shapes etc that come in to the slide as per the timeline.

Any ideas why the video is resetting to the start when all we are doing is pausing it and pressing play again?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Ed!

This sounds very similar to an issue we're investigating in Storyline 360. We're seeing that a video restarts when using the player seekbar to scrub forward or backward in a video. I'd like to get a few more details from you to see if your issue matches what we are seeing.

  • Does this happen while previewing the content in Storyline?
  • Is the published content hosted on a web server or a LMS?
  • What web browser are you using for testing?
  • Does the problem go away if you delete the "Play media when timeline starts" trigger?

Hi Alyssa

Thanks for your response.

I haven't actually tried to scrub forward or backward in the video.  On one SCORM package we have this issue with, we have set it so that the seekbar is readable only and are still experiencing the issue.

Our a second SCORM package, we have the seekbar set using the new feature to allow users to go back once complete. 

But, this is an issue affecting both SCORM packages irrespective of the seekbar and has been occurring when I've simply pressed pause / play a few times when an mp4 is playing and then another shape or layer comes in to the mix. 

To answer your queries:

  • Does this happen while previewing the content in Storyline?


  • Is the published content hosted on a web server or a LMS?

LMS (Moodle)

  • What web browser are you using for testing?

Predominantly Chrome, but also affecting Moodle Mobile 

  • Does the problem go away if you delete the "Play media when timeline starts" trigger?


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ed.  Thanks for including those details!  Without seeing your setup, I'm going to assume that this is happening typically when you have layers opening.  The layer properties don't automatically pause the timeline of the base layer (because you want the video to continue).  Do you have objects that reveal themselves along the timeline of the layer?  For example, the layer opens, and a rectangle appears 1 second into the layer's timeline.

Here's what will happen with the play/pause button (and seekbar) when there are layers:

  • If the layer does not allow seeking, the play/pause button will control the timeline of the base layer.  When you click pause, the base layer and any objects on it will pause.  If the video begins automatically, it too will pause because it is controlled by the timeline.
  • If the layer allows seeking, the play/pause button will control the timeline of the slide layer, and not the base layer.  When you click pause, the layer timeline will pause, but the base layer will continue playing.

Does this match what you're seeing so far?  If so, and you need play/pause to control all of your slide objects, you'll want to keep them on the same layer.  Instead of showing layers, you can scoot those objects down on the base layer timeline to appear when they need to.

If I'm way off, let me know!  😆It is Wednesday.


Hi Crystal

Thanks for your response.  I'm not sure this is what is happening for me (e.g not the layers).

If I take one of my slides as an example, whilst the slide does have slide layers - it isn't the slide layers that seem to be causing the issue. 

Here's the information about the slide:

- base layer has an Mp4 with slide trigger "play media when timeline starts" (have tried with and without this trigger - as either way, it's the first thing on the timeline but makes no difference)

- base layer also has audio to play from the start of the scene, as well as a transparent rectangle over the video to prevent users clicking it.

- when viewing the slide, the video starts together with the audio as expected.  At this point, I can pause and play the player freely without issue as many times as needed

- with the video still playing in the background, as intend, then there are a few elements that appear on the timeline at 20 seconds. 

- the first of these is an ordinary image which "floats in" - I can still pause the player and play freely without issue here.

- then some additional audio comes in - again, I can still pause the player and play freely without issue at this point.

- then a group of pictures (like a little series design to flick between each other) come on screen as well as some additional audio (I've tried ungrouping to see if that helped but didn't)) and it is here that we have the issue. If we try to pause the player at this point (i.e. when the additional group pictures and introduced to the screen) this is what causes the video to reset. 

- some time later two transparent rectangles which are designed for user interaction (e.g. is click Rectangle 1, show Layer 1, etc) then appear - but this issue has already occurred by this point so presuming not related to layers.

I'm at a loss as to what's going on but it's making the slide unusable as if a user ever clicks pause on this slide, it will mess up the whole thing, with audio overlapping another etc etc.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ed, 

Storyline 360 Update 24 (released 01/22/2019) did include a fix for this issue: Videos started over when learners clicked or dragged the video playbar in web, LMS, and Review 360 output.

Does that sound similar to what you were experiencing? Have you installed the latest update and republished your file yet?

We'd be happy to help with that testing! We'll delete your file when we're done troubleshooting. If that works for you, you can upload your file privately to our support team here. We'll have a look and let you know what we find!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael,

I did not see mention in the version notes, but I did a quick test and it seems to be working as expected now.

Here is my published output if you'd like to take a look.

Are you still running into an issue?

I'm going to follow up with my team on the official status as well, so thanks for reaching out and asking.

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