video resizing issues


My trainer has not been able to understand how to record himself in landscape so I now have a video in portrait.  There is no possibility for him to re-record. He's just not able to.

When I insert this video into storyline 360, I get a distorted thumbnail and the video itself has resized so that I am only able to see the top of his head.

Can anyone help?

For data protection, I have not attached the video/screen shots.




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Iffaf Khan

Hi, Everyone.

I realise that this was a tricky question and I would still love to hear what senior technical advisors suggest but I have (kind of) found an amateur-ish solution.

I used video-editing software (Shot Cut) to change the orientation of the video.  I wasn't very good at it so (although it is the right orientation now, without any distortion) somehow I still have black bits on the sides.  To deal with that, I inserted the video into storyline and then covered the black sides with shapes (using the eye dropper to take colour from the video and make it look less jarring).  It does the job.

The youtube video I followed is here:

All the best


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Iffaf,

Glad that you were able to find a workable solution.

For more robust video editing needs, a third-party tool would work best. I'm not sure why you were experiencing the distortion, so if you run into that again, we would certainly want to take a look. If you cannot share publicly in the forums, you can always work directly with our support team here.

The video size vs your slide size can cause some additional real estate surrounding your video, but I really like your idea of 'blending' that in. Thanks for sharing.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Miranda.  Can you share your video file with me for testing?  If you can also share your .story file or a screenshot of how it appears, that would be helpful too!

Use the Add Attachment button here to attach your video, or send it to me privately if it contains sensitive information.