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Joe Dey

Hi Jami

You can publish your project with uncompressed video by doing the following:

1. Insert your video

2. Select your video and in the menu bar select the Options menu under the Video Tools tab.

3. Select the drop down tab to the right of the word 'Compression'.

4. Select 'None'.

You can then publish your video without applying any compression.

Jami Francescon

Does anyone have any proven compression settings for video that work well with Storyline projects, that don't take up too much file space and still hold up? I've created high resolution videos in Adobe Premiere. I understand the requirements need to be mp4 with baseline, main, or high profiles, but anyone have suggestions? Usually my videos are pretty graphic heavy, and I would like to reserve as much quality as possible.

Peter Moore

Have you tried converting the videos into .mp4 format prior to importing to SL?

I always do this. I use a free tool called "handbrake"(google this)

My workflow is to export out of the NLE (in your case - premiere) as a hi-res master file, so something like a hi res .avi if your're on a PC or a hi res .mov if you're using a mac.

Import this in to Handrake and adjust its settings to give you the quality of .mp4 you want.This will dramatically reduce the file size of the movie - making it ready for import to SL.

Then, when in SL, you can set the compression to 'none' - so SL won't try to mess with your beautiful production and compress it further.

Best wishes


Stephanie Blakemore

Question from a Mac user...I often must use videos which are screen recordings my SMEs have created on Windows machines using a native screen capture app, not Peek or Replay. The resolution is awful in Storyline, especially when I add a zoom region. I've upped the video quality to the max upon publish and still blurry video. The option to compress is greyed out. Do I have any other alternatives?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stephanie, 

Storyline supports uncompressed MP4 videos in published output. This applies to the three most common MP4 profiles: baseline, main, and high.

If the Compression property is grayed out, it means your video was created with a different profile or it has been edited with Storyline's built-in video editor.

Do you know what file type or method your SMEs used to create the videos? It may be something you could convert externally and then use the compression setting in Storyline. I like to use  Handbrake to convert videos, as it's free and pretty easy to get started with: https://handbrake.fr/