Video Restarts when I use Trigger to Play a Paused Video

I am trying to overlay some instructional information to a video using Storyline 360. I have imported my MP4 and have inserted objects. I want the media to pause when the object appears on the timeline. The media should restart when the object leaves the timeline. The object is appearing and the media pauses just fine, but when the trigger to Play occurs, the video starts from the beginning. I am exporting this as a video file. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to do something else to make this function properly?

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Katie Riggio

Good morning, Todd!

Thanks for walking us through the problem. What you're experiencing matches an open bug in Storyline 360:

  • When publishing for video, the .MP4 restarts when using pause and play triggers on cue points

I'll update this discussion of any new discoveries! For now, could either of these workarounds help?

  • Cut the video into individual files
  • Instead of using triggers to pause or play the video, cut the video and play it automatically according to its position on the timeline (for pauses, use a screenshot of the frame)