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Jul 28, 2015

Anyone else using Final Cut Pro for video production?  If so what settings are you using when you save your videos for use in Articulate?  I'm ending up with rather large files (ranging from 5-10gb) and wondering if I should be choosing another option.  When I go to insert them into Articulate I get an error that I need to choose another format, even though they are mp4.



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Katie L

I can't cut the video.  I'm able to put the videos in if I take what I've produced with FCP and pull it into Camtasia and then produce a smaller video from there.  It seems to be the best way to do so while still maintaining the best quality (have tried compressing the videos with other options and they get way to pixelated).  It just seems like a bit of a stupid way to do it.  I'm wondering if I purchased Compressor for FCP if this would solve my problem. 


Mike Enders


I'd also highly recommend (if at all possible) that you place the video on a dedicated distribution site (such as Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) so that you can offload the heavy lifting. No matter how you slice it, an hour worth of video is heavy.  Even if you break your video up into small chunks and place it on individual slides, you're still dependent upon the quality of the server where the course is hosted. If the server struggles to push out the video, the learner may be a bit frustrated by the slow load times. On the other hand, using a dedicated video site allows you to take advantage of not only the robust servers, but also provides built-in visuals that users are used to as videos load. So if the learner has a slow connection, they'll see the video loading, buffering, etc. in an environment that they may already be familiar with.

If this is an option, I'd consider it.  Then, all you have to do is use a web object to add the video to a slide.  As a bonus, it also keeps your source .story file a lot smaller!


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