Video Size


I know I already found a post about it, but it is 4 years old so a thought better write a new one.

I'm trying to import a MP4 vidéo in my slide, (it MUST be in the slide, not an external link)

My sotyrline project size is 1280 x 765 px. I want the video to be that size exactly, so on Adobe Premiere Pro, i created my video to be 1280 x 765 px.

How is it possible that once on Storyline, my video change format to be 1164 x 765 px ?!

And weirdly the video do not look like it have been compress or anything to be 1164. If i try back to put it at back 1280 then it is going to look strech out tho

Anyone know why it is doing that and how i can fix it ? Maybe by using something else than MP4 ? I don't know...

Thanks in advance people :) 


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