Video size in Articulate

Hello! I always have geniuses who read my problems here and offer me brilliant solutions, so my hopes are high for this one. 

I am editing an mp4 recording in Windows Movie Maker. I trim it and save it as a 1600 x 900 mp4 (these are also the dimensions of the original recording). When I import my video into Articulate, it somehow changes the dimensions to 720 x 406. I would like for my video to play in a new browser window, and when published, my video appears in the new browser window as 720 x 406 and not 1600 x 900.

Something else that's weird is if I import the recording into Articulate, untouched/original, it does play at 1600 x 900. But I really need to edit my videos to cut out parts, and WMM offers me the easiest way to do so (sorry Articulate, your video editor isn't the best).

I have attached my story file as well as my original recording, unedited. Thank you so much for your help.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Teresa - Thanks for the explanation, but I'm not quite sure what the second thread has to do with your reported issue, unless it's just the compression.

So, let's just get started with my observations. On your first slide, the size is adjusted because it's got to fit into your slide size. The second slide looks like the same settings I added to a third slide when importing your original file. No compression and set to open in a new browser. When you publish and click on this slide, the bigger file plays. Is that what you are expecting to see or are you seeing something different?

My published file is here and the project file is re-attached.