Video Size in Storyline 2

Jul 09, 2015

Hi folks,

I'm looking for suggestions on how best to view video clips inserted into Storyline 2.  I have a video that was created in screenr at a frame width of 980 x 560.  The problem I'm having is when I publish the course and launch the slide that contains the video, it is locked in at the slide view size.  Even when I set the frame size to be full screen or new browser window, it doesn't display to the size of the original.  The content is also blurry.  Any suggestions?  Should I publish to YouTube and insert as a web object? 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Deborah, 

What have you set as your story size? If you don't want there to be any scaling or blurriness of the video, and you want it to be full screen - I'd set the story size to similar and then set the player settings described here to lock the player size at the optimal size. That way regardless of browser size or setting the player and Storyline content will display at the size you set. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Debra,

I set the story size to match the video and inserted it - I didn't see the scroll bars previewing it or anything, and I published it as well here. It appears normally for me - can you take a look here?  

you'll want to make sure your browser zoom isn't set higher than 100 either - mine is normally set at 125% in Chrome.