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Hi, I am struggling to solve this solution for a necessary function. We have video courses embedded into each slide, I need to use the normal restriction function that allows users to view previously viewed content but unable to navigate/ fast forward. however, using the video controls, they can fast forward. Using the slide player, it only starts the video over if they try to navigate back. I need for students to only have access to parts of the video they have watched but they should be able to rewind and navigate either direction up to the last point viewed. Does anyone know how to achieve this? I am able to unlock the video once the whole thing has been watched using a hidden slide and triggers, but I can't find a solution to the first watch/locked video. how can a user rewind videos and fast forward only to the point on the clip they have already watched?

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julie g.

thanks for getting back to me. No there isn't a solution listed here but my problem is the same. I want students to be able to rewind to any point to review. Not back to the beginning however, our videos are close to an hour and that would be very annoying to a user.

Is there a way to maybe add a custom rewind button that jumps back, say a minute at a time or something? If I can't get the video controls or the seek bar to behave like this, we can settle for a rewind. Still not ideal, but I can't find a solution.