Video Slide Layer

I have a slide with four menu buttons. I want each menu button to connect to a video layer on the next slide. Layer 1 is working fine, but layer two is not accessible when I click on menu button two. 

This is the information I have for variables and triggers.

1. Create a True/False variable with a default value of 'False.' Let's name it "ShowLayerOnSlide2"

2. On Slide 1 create a button.

3. Add this trigger: Adjust Variable > ShowLayerOnSlide2 > to True > When user clicks.

4. Add  another trigger to the button: Jumps To Slide 2 when user clicks.

5. NOTE: Make sure the above two triggers are in that order. You want the variable to change prior to jumping to the next slide.

Can someone assist me with what I am doing wrong. I am just using slides 1.6 for the main menu and 1.7 for the slide containing the videos layers. There are a total of 4 videos.

Thank you, Sheila


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Johnrey Landoay

Hi Sheila,

I tried to replicate what you have in mind and I think I figured out a way to achieve what you want to happen here.

  1. Instead of just (1) variable, create a total of (4) True/False variables, one for each button on Slide 1 (all default value of False).
  2. Assign each variable to all 4 buttons and trigger them to value True when clicked.
  3. On Slide 2, create a Player Trigger to show Layer 1 of Slide 2 when "Timeline starts on current or this slide" and add a condition "If Variable 1 is True"
  4. Duplicate the trigger you created on step 3 to accommodate all 4 layers in Slide 2 and then customize each of them according to their corresponding button and variables in Slide 1.
  5. When you click any button on Slide 1, the variable assigned to it will set to True and jumps you to Slide 2 then and soon as the timeline starts, the trigger to show corresponding layer is fired.

Attached is a sample for your reference. It seemed to work for me so I hope it'll work for you too. 



Walt Hamilton

Change your variable to a numeric variable. (think LayerToShowOnSlide2).  Then when learner clicks button 1, set that variable to 1, button 2, set it to 2, etc.

Then on slide 2 create a trigger for each video: Show layer Video1 when timeline starts on this slide if LayerToShowOnSlide2 =1. Show layer Video2 when timeline starts on this slide if LayerToShowOnSlide2 =2.

Or is each video on a different slide? It's hard to tell. If so, then you need triggers for each menu item. You can use one variable, but need to have a different jump for each one.