Video slides won't display ... and then they do. What is wrong?

Hello, it is old SL1-user here.

I have a problem that seem to be intermittent. Now, I do all my fancy course creating, and in addition to the shapes, the boxes, the text, the story and all, I also add videos that I have created with other software.

The videos are live people or screens. I compress them to mp4, and I am careful to make them the same resolution as what I have set my SL-course to be - usually 1280x720 pixels. The frame rate I choose is 25 fps.

And yes, I have of course checked that all objects on all slides are made visible and all.

I run tests, the course works fine, then I export and voilà - they work fine now too! I send the files to a file server (published as either web or CD), I run them locally, I go to various and random meeting rooms and run the courses. Miraculously enough  ... they work just as expected.

The group leader then sends the link to her group, to test for themselves, to see whether I have managed to get everything right. And here is where one or two of them always reports back that they can hear my voice, but the video just won't show.

At first I didn't believe them, but on one or two occasions I have seen this for myself. I re-publish the files, and another person will report the same thing.

I am open to the possibility that I may be clicking around willy-nilly ... but I don't think so. I have read all the documentation, and I have studied the training videos almost religiously. I have learnt enormously since I started using SL1.

But why the videos sometimes will not show ... beats me.



Bent from Norway

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Bent Michaelsen


Thanks for the tip. I talked to the IT guys, and they say that the settings you point out are not involved in the IP Policy distributed to all pcs in the domain.

The first setting is ticked off on my local pc, but I have still only experienced this problem once. Apart from that, the videos have always run without problems on this pc. I went to the meeting room I saw it in last week, but today it ran perfectly. No one touches the settings on the pcs in the meeting rooms.

I suggest we await feedback from the HSE&Q group, who is the owner of the courses I made. I have asked them to tell me under which circumstances they were when they experience the problem. If it is on a home computer, it may be a local setting.

One question: For the web-version, is the course player only able to run on IE?

Best regards,


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bent!

Just wanted to pop in to share our documentation, detailed here, on your question:


Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or later, and one of the following browsers:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 8 and later, Microsoft Edge (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)
  • Mac: Safari 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Windows: Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mac: Safari 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version) in Android OS 4.1 and later
Bent Michaelsen

Well we certainly are within that, as we only use IE9 inside the company. But our users are spread all over Norway and Scandinavia, onshore and offshore, and in some other countries. Today will be the day we publish the courses to Moodle for the first time, and set up some tests. It will be exciting to see the results. I have no control whatsoever on which versions or even which applications people use on their home computers, so I'll just have to see. Thanks anyway.

Bent Michaelsen

Thanks Leslie. I apologize when I release my tamper on you guys. As I progress and learn more I do see the power within Storyline, and I realize how good it is. When I meet IT-like problems of the Flash-kind and of which I have no knowledge of I am sometimes a little too quick on the keyboard. Sorry for that. I'lll be a good boy from now on ;-). Promise.

PS: We still use SL1.

Regars, Bent


Bent Michaelsen

Hello again. I have finally been able to apprehend a laptop where I could install the newest version  of Flash, and well ... it works just fine with regards to the problem we experienced where slides wouldn't progress.

I haven't got a clue of what the IT department's update strategy is, but clearly they have fallen behind on this matter. If someone dare speculate a little bit, could an old version of Flash also cause the erratic display of videos to occur?

Thanks for the great help anyway.

Regards, Bent

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bent,

Are you able to check and confirm which update of Flash is installed on the system that you're having difficulty with and what Flash version is being used in the browser? A good site to help you determine the browser version is and it'll gather the information based on which ever browser you're viewing the site in. 

You may also want to share the results you got on the other laptop with your IT team, that may help them pinpoint what other elements they need to update or fix on your other laptops.