Video starts looping automatically


I have studied a lot of discussions about how to loop media file etc, but did not find anything how to stop looping video if it is looping automatically without any trigger. I am using Storyline 2 and it surprised me when i was testing my output on iPad.

I have worked a lot with mp4 video in Storyline but did not face any issue with this on iPAd. It always runs perfectly on both the platforms i.e. iPad and Desktop but today when I tested my output I noticed strange behavior of Storyline 2, below is the scenario of my file.

I want to run a video which should play only once and a background sound effect in loop which I have placed in a separate layer.

In order to get this done, I made a file which have one mp4 video on base layer and for looping background sound, I added one audio file on a new layer named 'Sound Fx', below are the details of triggers.

Base layer trigger:

  • Show layer Sound Fx when the timeline starts

Sound Fx layer trigger:

  1. Hide layer this layer when the timeline ends
  2. Show layer Sound Fx when the timeline ends

If you are going to check the publish file, you will notice that the video is looping again and again with the background sound as well, whereas I want video should play once and background should in loop.

Can someone from support help me on this, if you need my file i can share you personally.

Thank you!


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