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May 27, 2012

Hello! I just started working with Storyline and I'm trying to figure out how to create a particular learning experience. I have video (with audio) that needs to be on the screen at the same time as the slides and I need to sync it with the slides. I can import the web object video and resize it small and move it around - that's great. But I can't figure out how to resize the PPT slides to make room for my video. I haven't even started trying to figure out how I might sync these if it is even possible. Any suggestions?

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Mike Enders


1. You can resize the canvas by Design tab and selecting Story Size.  Note: Recommend doing this before adding content to the screen as it will resize your content and may cause a little distortion.

2. Syncing video is completely possible.  However, you'll want to place the video directly on your timeline (insert video from file)

as this will allow for the syncing.  If you use a web object (say a You Tube video), this is going to take a bit to load (and meanwhile, your SL timeline is off and running).  

Hope this helps!


Peter Anderson

Hi Martin and Camy, welcome to Heroes!

Take a look at this tutorial. In it, you'll see you have the options for video to play:

  • Automatically:  The video will start playing as soon as the slide's timeline reaches the start of the video object.  For more information on working with the timeline, check out this tutorial.
  • When clicked:  Select this option if you do not want the video to start playing until users click it.
  • From trigger:  If you would prefer to trigger the video to start playing only after a specific event has occurred, select this option.  To learn more about triggers, take a look at this tutorial.