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Nov 06, 2020

Hi everyone,

I have a video on a slide. When I run the course the video plays just fine and the seek-bar runs also.  I have video controls turned off.  When I click on the video itself however it stops.  The seek-bar keeps rolling.  If I use the seek-bar controls the video stops as I would suspect.  How can I turn off the ability of a user to click on the video and stop it?  


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Judy Nollet

Well, one person's bug can be another person's feature. Many videos on the web can be paused and restarted via clicking the video area, which could be helpful on mobile device where controls are so small. 

You could submit your preference as feature request here:

But unless there are a lot of others who say they want it to work the way you do, you may never see your request implemented. 

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