Video timeline ends or media complete not working

When I create a trigger that says GoTo Next Slide when either timeline ends or media completes - the result is a host of problems:

1) Using "media complete": if the user stops the video, the media complete "pointer" seems to keep moving behind the scenes. The slide will switch to the next slide even if the video is halted.

2) If use "when timeline ends" 

         a) if video is long (2 minutes) - it takes about 4 minutes to switch to the next slide - timeline END is set correctly for the video

        b) if the video is short (15 seconds) - same symptoms as described in #1 using "media complete"

Thanks for any input!



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Harry Goldberg

Thanks - Yes, I would like the student to be able to control the video (eg. stop the video, think about what I said, and then, when the video is complete, automatically jump to a quiz slide). I've attached a sample - you'll have to be quick because the video is only 2 seconds long. If you stop it and wait a few seconds, the slide will switch when it shouldn't.

THANKS for taking a look.

Ann D


Hoping to get some help from the experts here.  I inserted an interactive video by following the steps in - How to Create Interactive Videos - tutorial.

I have informational icons that pause the video and an information pop up appears and the video pauses. There is a trigger that appears when the participant clicks on each informational icon ("i"). The "I" icons are on separate layers. There are 4 "i" icons placed throughout the timeline.

I have a slide before the video slide with two triggers - (a) to launch the video and (b) "ump to next slide and add the variable page count - plus 1.

This is what's happening - When the participant clicks on the back arrow button, to restart the video from the last informational "i" icon / pop up window, (i.e. go back to review what the last viewed informational icon was explaining),  the video starts from that point in the timeline, correctly.

If I click the back arrow again it goes back to the previous slide as I would want it to, where I have placed the triggers to start the video from the beginning (+ jump to next slide + adjust variable to subtract 1 from page count).

The issue is - Once the participant is on the previous slide (which has the trigger to re-start the video), the video does not start from the beginning. The video starts from the last informational icon that was clicked (as explained above).

How do I fix it to allow participants to start the video from the beginning (after 2 "back" clicks)?

Would really appreciate your help.

Thank you