Video "Try it yourself" Software Simulations

Hi there - I have a question about capturing screens for a software simulation.

I have created a video capture and I'm using it as a "try yourself" screen. In that the user can click through, fill things in etc. My question is this though. I have a custom interface I've developed with customer branding. And so far I can't figure out how (or if its even possible) to set this so I can move it around my screen and fit it into my custom player. Storyline3 seems to createmy simulation in a default player which I can't move around. I know I can just have a single video... but I need to be able to allow users to click through it.

Anyone have any ideas how I can take this and use it in my custom player? 



PS If the above is not clear I'll try and explain further...

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, D!  It sounds like you want the user to be able to navigate a bit more freely in the software simulation than what you're getting with a screen recording.  Is that right?

Storyline 3 will create "try mode" software simulation with step-by-step slides that include the screen recording action (video of the process), as well as a screenshot with objects and triggers based on what your learner is supposed to do.  It is very much a "guided" experience for the learner.

Is the interface you've designed strictly a test environment?  If so, could you bring this page in as a web object to let them explore more freely?

Mr Brown

Hi Crystal - thanks for your reply... 

Yes that's right.. it's the "Try Mode" that I'm talking about... The interface I've designed is a client branded "container" in which my course is being created. But I've so far not been able to place the try mode example anywhere. The web object sounds like it might work though so thank you for that I'll give it a go!