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I've inserted a video screen recording as "try mode" & wondering how I can change the settings. I've looked on articulate website and found that you can click "try mode options" to change hints/cursor etc, but can't actually work out where "try mode options" are?!

Can you only set these options when inserting the video, and not after it's inserted?

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But I've found this: Try Mode
Select the Try Mode option if you’d like to give your learners a chance to try the process themselves in an ungraded assessment. This is a good way for learners to practice what they’ve learned without formally testing them. If you select Try Mode, you can click the Try Mode Options hyperlink to set some more options such as showing the hand cursor when the learner hovers over the correct answer (it’s a good way to give learners a hint) and including hint captions. 

So that last sentence is what I'm asking bout... I know you can change the captions on each slide but what about other options??