video which is used for multiple time in course after publishing course then it creates multiple copies for same video?

Oct 31, 2014

Hi, I have one issue regarding video in storyline 2, I have created one course in that I used same video for twenty times after publishing that course it will create twenty copies of that same video. why it creates twenty copies of the same video? Is there any technique to create single copy of that video after publish?

please let me know if any workaround for this?






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Wendy Farmer

Hi Pranali,

I get the same behaviour as you.  I inserted a video onto a slide and then duplicated the slide.  The publish folder has 2 copies of the video.  I then inserted a third slide, copy and pasted the video from slide 2 to slide 3 and the publish folder now has 3 copies of the video.  I made no changes to the size of the video.

Duplicated slide then published

Copy/Paste from slide 2 to slide 3  then published

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

Thanks for the additional images and screenshots and I'm seeing the same behavior. I haven't seen where this was reported to our QA team, so I'll be sharing it with them - since the behavior is different than with SL1. 

Pranali, I don't know that it's connected to the compression settings, as in the example I tested I didn't use the "no compression" setting - and I still saw three separate video files. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lionel, 

This is something we've reported to our QA team for additional review, and it seems that using the same video on a slide master and then applying that slide master allows it to not be duplicated in your output files. I'll include this thread in the report filed with our QA team so that I can share any additional information and updates with you here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tuwanna,

I checked in on the issue and it's still with our QA team, but as I shared above using the video on a slide master and then applying that slide master to the slides you need allows the video to not be duplicated. I would suggest using that workaround as I"m unable to offer an ETA in regards to when I'd hear back from our team with any updates. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lori,

I'm sorry to hear that workaround did not give you the proper set up. I unfortunately don't have another update to share in regards to this issue, but once I have any additional information I'll be certain to let you know in this thread. Thanks for your patience as I'm unable to offer an ETA in regards to hearing back from our QA team. 

Michael Marks

I've stumbled on this thread.  I also have 1 video (using SL3) that the learner can view on multiple slides.  ie:  "Please review the video again"  has anyone came up with a solution for this?  I started using a lightbox but when the Closed Caption triggers, it's just WAY to small, so I can't do this ether & I don't want to bloat this course with multiple videos when exported.

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