Video with audio voiceover in Storyline


Is it possible with Storyline or Storyline 2 to inset a video and then insert/record audio while the video is playing? or do they have to be two seperate files that I sync on the timeline?? I am trying to avoid the need to have the video open in a separate window, on a seperate monitor to record/insert the audio in the Story.

Any help?  Many thanks!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amanda,

You won't be able to play the video in Storyline and record at the same time. I know you mentioned you didn't want to have two separate windows open - but if you did two instances of Storyline, that may be the easiest as than you could import that one slide (with the recorded audio) into your existing file? Or, as you mentioned using two separate media files and then importing them into a project, but if the audio is not already synced up there won't be an option to pause the audio or break it into smaller chunks to match the video. You may want to begin by reviewing the tutorials here on working with media (starts with video) to get a sense of the options available.